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Custom Political Lapel Pins : “Come and Take It”


Following the tradition of wearing custom political lapel pins for important events, Senator Ted Cruz was seen sporting a “Come and Take It” flag lapel pin during his recent filibuster on the senate floor. The “Come and Take It” slogan has it’s origins in the American Revolution first seen in 1778 and later in 1835 [...]

Pink Ribbon Custom Lapel PIn : NBCAM : October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NBCAM was founded in 1985 to promote early detection to fight against breast cancer. In the fall of 1991 the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out pink ribbons at a NYC race. The pink ribbons have become ubiquitous with Breast Cancer Awareness causes. Pincrafters is proud to work [...]

Custom Lapel Pins: A Great Way to Show Support for LGBT History Month


What better way to help raise awareness of LGBT History Month than to create a custom lapel pins.  Many organizations use their own design and have companies such as PinCrafters create free mock ups that allow you to see your pins before produced.  Many may ask what is LGBT History month? Directly from their website: [...]

Custom Lapel Pin : Design Contest Winner from Limerick Ireland


Custom lapel pin contests are happening all around the world. A young artist in Ireland recently won a lapel pin design contest to promote pride for the city of Limerick, Ireland with the ultimate goal of cleaning up the city. Rugby stars, the Mayor and businessmen were among the V.I.P.s who were promoting the new [...]

Custom Designed Lanyards – Even Nobel Peace Prize Winners Get Them!


You don’t have to win the Nobel Peace Prize to wear a lanyard, unless it’s a light blue one. That’s the color they used to distinguish the Nobel peace laureates from the rest of the crowd at the Lindau meeting in Germany this year. There were nine different categories for attendees including yellow for journalists, [...]

Lapel Pin Design Contests


Design contests are a great way for local artists, young and old, to become involved in your next community event. Contests can bring a broad range of ideas, and photography,  for your design projects and bring a sense of pride to the community. Recently a local designer from Wichita, Kansas, Lacy N. Young, won a [...]

Municipality, Fire and Police Department Miniature Lapel Pin Badges


Pincrafters is proud to work with your local Municipality, Fire Department & Police Departments to create miniature replicas of badges, or create new designs for your community outreach programs. We can customize a variety of badge designs which can be used to represent your local departments. Miniature Fire Department badges and Police badges are great [...]

Employee Recognition Lapel Pins, The Perfect Choice


Lapel Pins are an inexpensive and distinctive choice for your employee recognition needs. Whether you are looking for a pin to present to distinguished employees who have provided years of dedicated service to your company, or a pin to provide incentive for a quarterly goal, Pincrafters is your source for the design and production of [...]

Pincrafters is Your Source for Medallions, Laynards, and Embroidered Patches for Your Next Marathon or 5K Run


When planning your next City Marathon, IRONMAN event, 5k Run or Children’s Fun Run think of Pincrafters. Whether you are planning for the NYC Marathon, Boston Marathon, IRONMAN Championships or a local 5K run or marathon we have you covered. We can provide your organization with beautiful custom presentation medallions, or inexpensive participant medallions, the [...]

NFL Celebrates U.S. Veterans with “Salute to Service” Campaign including Customized Pins and Wristbands


The NFL has a long standing tradition of honoring our country’s troops. For over forty five years the NFL has worked closely with the USO including oversea trips and visits to troops and military hospitals. The USAA is the NFL’s official military appreciation sponsor. Lapel pins and wristbands are some of the NFL/Veteran branded elements [...]