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Armed Forces Families Foundation : Lapel Pins : Support our Troops


PinCrafters is proud to be working with organizations to create pins and custom lanyards that support and recognize our military troops. Taco Bell holds an annual “Freedom Bells” fundraiser to benefit the Armed Forces Families Foundation. The pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars collected at nearly 500 franchises have raised over one million dollars for [...]

Team Trading Pins: Custom Lapel Pins: Cooperstown 2014


PinCrafters is proud to work with your baseball or softball team to create your perfect enamel trading pin. We have worked with teams from many organizations from Little League to the Washington Nationals. Whether your team is from Little League, ASASoftball, Dixie BB/SB, Pony BB/SB, USA Softball, or heading to tournaments at Ripken Baseball or [...]

Cheap Custom Trading Pins for Baseball and Softball


Yes,  it is that time of year.  PinCrafters Custom Lapel Pins is ready to work with you to create a great design for your baseball or softball trading pin.  Many of the trading pins are between the sizes of 1.5″ and 2″.  Some are enhanced with blinking lights, sliders or glitter.  Our in house art [...]

Alumni Lapel Pins : Be True to Your School : College Pins : University Pins


Whether you are a college bookstore manager looking to stock your shelves with pins for the general student population, looking for metal pins as gifts for your alumni donors, or an alumni association organizing your next reunion, Pincrafters is here to meet your custom lapel pin needs. We offer custom lapel pins in assorted platings, [...]

Team Trading Pins 2014 : Cooperstown Dreams Park Custom Pins : Tournament Pins : Baseball : Softball


It’s currently 0º and we recently had 18″ of snow drop in Burlington, Vermont. It may be hard to believe, but baseball & softball season is just around the corner. Pincrafters is proud to work with your local team to create the perfect enamel trading pin for your regular season, and your team’s week at [...]

Custom Made Lapel Pins are in Gozo . . .where is Gozo you ask? Malta according to Wikipedia.


As I was sitting at my desk today designing a lapel pin for a company who was looking for years of service pins, an article appeared in my email @  The article was from The Times of Malta and how the parliament was giving out hard enamel lapel pins to the members of the [...]

Custom Lapel Pin : Capital One Employee Recognition Program : Employee Engagement


Lapel Pins are an inexpensive and distinctive choice for your employee recognition needs. Whether you are looking for a pin to present to distinguished employees who have provided years of dedicated service to your company, or a pin to provide incentive for a quarterly goal, Pincrafters is your source for the design and production of [...]

Corporate Holiday Lapel Pin : Corporate Celebrations : Custom Lapel Pin


What is the holiday tradition at your office? You might be planning a cruise for your entire staff to tour the Mediterranean Sea. You might be celebrating your 25th annual fly fishing expedition to the Ausable River in upstate New York looking for an elusive brookie or two. No matter the size or nature of [...]

Custom Lapel Pins : Corporate Awards : Forbes Asia “Best Under a Billion” 2013


You might be a proud recipient of Forbes Asia “Best Under A Billion” award and celebrated the honor at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore last Tuesday. You might be a new business looking to recognize your staff for their efforts as your business continues to grow and expand. Regardless of the size of your company [...]

Custom Hockey Trading Pins and Medallions : Today a Division Medallion Tomorrow the Stanley Cup!


The Chicago Blackhawks proudly took the coveted Stanely Cup for one last victory lap around the rink celebrating last years win before returning it to the platform on center ice last Tuesday night. They triumphantly raised their 5th Stanley Cup banner to the rafters and then went on to beat the Washington Capitals 6-4. “It’s [...]