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Archive: May 2011

Lapel Pins for good causes.

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Pins and ribbons are everywhere presently. The practice, begun with the 1980s, has exploded to add in support of several, many organizations to cause. Lapel pins is often manufactured to your internet site company or organization logo or name aided by the color of ribbon that supports your cause. That’s… Read More

Why trading pins have become so popular.

Posted: | Category: Team Trading Lapel Pins

  Custom softball trading pin. Custom team trading pins have become a popular aspect of youth league sports of all kinds, enjoyed by both players and fans. With each season, they become more popular in youth sports of all kinds, recognized as tokens of sportsmanship and worthy… Read More

A Great Cause

Posted: | Category: Projects

I wanted to take a moment and give a little shout out to a great cause PinCrafters has had the pleasure of working with from its inception. The following is an excerpt from their website describing the fine work they do.  I encourage everyone to take some time and learn… Read More

A great use for enamel pins?

Posted: | Category: Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are curious how they would ever use enamel pins.  If you look around on any given day at the grocery store or a big box store you may notice a pin on their lapel.  Lapel pins are becoming very popular to show you belong to an organization or… Read More

Best way to design your custom lapel pin.

Posted: | Category: Team Trading Lapel Pins

Trading pins, or lapel pins, are a great way to circulate your name, team or company amongst thousands of people. Pin trading can be a exciting and fun  that many people around the world participate in. So, if you created your own trading pin and introduced it to some pin… Read More

Alumni and graduation custom pins.

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This is a great time of year for recognizing graduates or alumni with a custom pin.  We custom design lapel pins for colleges, high school and elementary schools.  A timeless lapel pin is a great way to recognize such an important event or to show your proud of your… Read More

Oh yes. . .we make embroidered patches too!

Posted: | Category: Other Products

You will be proud to wear our beautifully stitched custom embroidered patches. They’re a popular promotional item for bikers, motorcycle clubs and rallies, team sports, military units, corporate branding or trade shows. We will help you turn your logo or idea into a custom embroidered patch of the highest quality. Read More

What other poducts are great for promotions?

Posted: | Category: Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Lanyards PinCrafters offers high-quality lanyards at factory direct prices. We can help you create the perfect lanyard for your organization, event or tradeshow. Lanyards are great for promotions. Lanyards are a great way to hold and display badges, ID tags, keys, whistles and, of course, pins. We also offer… Read More