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Archive: June 2011

What are some of the most popular team trading names.

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Every year, PinCrafters looks forward to receiving requests to help design a custom team trading pin.  As each season begins, many teams come back to have their pins produced by us.  One of the things that makes baseball season interesting is the variety of team names we see and have… Read More

PinCrafters Introduces Custom Silicon Wristbands!

Posted: | Category: Other Products

What better way to promote your organization than with a fashionable silicon wristband? Our unique designs are a great way of ensuring that your product is advertised amongst a wide audience. This modern product can be tailor made to ensure that your organization is marketed with a personal touch and… Read More

What are full relief or 3D lapel pins?

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3D or full-relief lapel pins are a very economical method to promote your image. Sometimes simply referred to as 3D pins. These are much thicker to obtain the 3D effect. Like most other badges they can be produced in metal only or with the addition of enamel. The enamel is… Read More

Benefits of Hard Enamel Pins.

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Our Hard Enamel Pin Badges are made using vitreous materials which basically means our badge enamel can withstand extreme circumstances so in turn have a very long life span and will not deteriorate. The Enamel Pin Badges are then hand fired in a furnace and highly polished for a… Read More

Why use custom lanyards?

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Why Use Promotional Lanyards? Custom printed lanyards have become one of the most common and effective promotional items of our day. Whether you need lanyards for an event, corporate advertising, function or internal security, Custom Lanyards with name/ID holders. Many colors and options. PinCrafters… Read More

July is “Doghouse Repairs” Month?

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Many groups, organizations and non-profits choose a particular month to promote their cause.  After doing some research I thought iot would be a very nice feature of this blog to list all of the awareness topics each month promotes. Lapel Pins have become a favorite of many groups to raise… Read More

More information about team trading pins.

Posted: | Category: Team Trading Lapel Pins

Custom team trading pins have become a popular aspect of youth league sports of all kinds, enjoyed by both players and fans. With each season, they become more popular in youth sports of all kinds, recognized as tokens of sportsmanship and worthy competition. From baseball, softball to soccer and basketball,… Read More