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Archive: August 2011

Many towns and cities use custom pins to promote.

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I recently found an article about a common trend in municipalities using lapel pins. Although lapel pins are often sold for retail purposes or for service recognition for employees, many towns use lapel pins to brand their town to potential businesses and visitors.   One such town, Nogales, Arizona… Read More

How do Universities and High Schools use custom lapel pins?

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As a custom lapel pin maker for over 15 years, PinCrafters has designed lapel pins for a number of learning institutions for a variety of reasons.  This post is to describe the most common ways these schools use pins.   Alumni Custom Pins:  There are a variety of… Read More

Custom Lapel Pins for Fraternal Organizations (pt 2.)

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Fraternal organizations are groups that are formed based on a common bond, as with social or academic interests. Examples of fraternal organizations include college fraternities which are based on religion, previous members or just common interests.  Such a group would be the Freemasonry.   PinCrafters has worked very closely… Read More

Custom Lapel Pins for Fraternal Organizations (pt 1.)

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What are the origins of fraternal organizations and what types of custom pins do they use? There are known fraternal organizations which existed as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, and analogous institutions in the late medieval period called confraternities, which were lay organizations allied to the Catholic… Read More

Why is the number one choice for custom pins?

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For over 10 years and a combined 30 years experience in producing custom pins.  PinCrafters has always made customer satisfaction their number one priority.  Whether the pin we design for free is for your association, service recognition, religious organization, youth trading pin… Read More

Custom Lapel Pins Testimonials.

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What good are testimonials? Well to us they mean a lot.  when we start working on a custom design for a customer, we have one thing in mind.  to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their pins.  Not only are our wholesale… Read More

How Fast Can You Custom Trading Lapel Pins?

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This is one of the most consistent questions we get here at PinCrafters.  How quickly can I get my custom pins for team trading.  As many of you are aware, pin trading your custom lapel pins is a very popular event at many of the youth… Read More