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Archive: April 2012

Lapel Pins make Headlines at the Oscars 2012

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

When walking the red carpet at the Oscars don’t forget to wear your custom lapel pin from Pincrafters. Tom Hanks and Christopher Plummer made headlines in the Los Angeles Times as the best-dressed men at the Oscars this year with their custom lapel pins. Christopher Plummer wore… Read More

Miss Scarlet did it in the Kitchen with a Lapel Pin

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

On a recent episode of CSI Miami the only thing connecting the suspect to the crime scene was a lapel pin. Uncovering the skeletal remains deep in the sand revealed little evidence for the CSI team. Lucky for them they found a yachting club lapel pin. Read More

Pinterest is Not the Same as Custom Lapel Pins by Pincrafters

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Are you looking for a way to share your entire lapel pin collection in our new digital age? Pinterest has perfected image sharing on the social media platform as a pinboard-style social photo sharing website. Lapel pin collectors have enjoyed trading and displaying their pins in books… Read More