Wedding Lapel Pins : Custom Metal Boutonniere

Are you looking for the perfect custom wedding lapel pin? You have come to the right place!

Custom wedding lapel pins from PinCrafters are the perfect solution. NBA All-Star, MVP and Olympic metal winner Lebron James knows the score. In 2013 Lebron was seen donning a metal flower lapel pin. His extravagant star-studded wedding to long time girlfriend Savannah Brinson in San Diego was an event to remember. Wedding lapel pins will help your guests remember too.

wedding lapel pins
Lebron James wearing a flower lapel pin with bride Savannah Brinson

Custom metal boutonnieres and custom wedding lapel pins are an inexpensive way to add class to your wedding, and are a great way to elevate your groom & groomsmen.

We are proud to work with you or your wedding planner to create the perfect wedding lapel pin to commemorate your wedding. Lapel pins are equally at home in black nickel or nickel on a tuxedo, or as an elegant touch for you guests’ place setting. A custom lapel pin is discreet, elegant and makes a great take-away for your honored guests. Your guests will remember your wedding for years to come when you present them with a custom wedding lapel pin from PinCrafters.

PinCrafters has worked with many couples to create their perfect lapel pin. We have created color enamel pins, photographic pins, and the ever popular elegant die-struck metal lapel pins. We offer die-struck metal lapel pins in brass in eight popular platings. Your design will sparkle in detail as we offer nickel, antique nickel, gold, antique gold, copper, antique copper, antique bronze, and black nickel. When you order die-struck brass pins you can choose to mix your order up with different platings at no additional cost. You can use the platings to designate different members of the wedding party, or perhaps to designate the groom’s side and bride’s side.

wedding lapel pins
Megan & David commemorative wedding lapel pin shown with nickel die-struck and gold die-struck center.
wedding lapel pins
CE metal wedding boutonierre shown as pin draft for customer approval.

The sales staff and designers at PinCrafters are here to help you create your perfect wedding lapel pin. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pincrafters is your trusted source for quality lapel pins since 2001.