Lions Club Pin Trading

Pin trading has been a popular activity for many years. Curling clubs from the mid nineteenth century are credited with starting the tradition. This tradition has carried on through many major league athletic teams, youth league athletic teams, political candidates, and various clubs and organizations.

Lions Club members have enjoyed pin trading through their local chapters nationwide and worldwide. PinCrafters is proud to be an authorized Lions Club pin licensee for the USA, Canada & Australia. We have been providing Lions Club chapters with high quality lapel pins for over 10 years. Lions Club member Thomas Johnston of Joplin, Montana recently made headlines after donating over 1,600 pins to a local Battlefields Protection Association. The pins cover every phase of the Civil War and were collected from Local Lions Club Chapters across the country.

On the West Coast, California Lions Pin Traders display a great variety of lapel pins on their site, as well as slideshows of some of their regions local trading and International Pin Swaps.