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Destination Imagination Pins - Custom Pin Maker

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Great News! PinCrafters Custom Lapel Pins has teamed up with Destination Imagination to help you create the coolest Destination Imagination pins!

Destination Imagination pin trading is one of the most popular activities at Destination Imagination tournaments. When you create a pin for your team, region or your Affiliate, it’s important to be creative and original when thinking of what you want your pin to look like and the message you want to say.  At PinCrafters, we know that every team wants the coolest trading pin. Our talented designers will help you create a pin that will be the hottest item at the tournament -- the one everyone wants!  From blinkies to glitter, Pincrafters can produce a great custom Destination Imagination pin design that's just right for your team or tournament.

Destination Imagination Pin Examples

Destination Imagination Pin Examples

Destination Imagination Pin Examples

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Here's how it works!

I have an idea for a great trading pin but need help with the design.

If you need help designing a custom lapel pin, our in-house art department can create a unique custom lapel pin you or your Destination Imagination team will be proud to showcase and trade. There are no cost for this art service and are happy to help.

Destination Imagination Pin Ordering

There are guidelines to follow when creating a custom Destination Imagination lapel pin.

In order to participate in pin trading at Global Finals, commercially produced pins must be made by a Licensed Pin Vendor that has been approved by Destination Imagination, Inc.  PinCrafters is an established licensed vedor. 

In addition to being creative, it’s important to follow a few copyright guidelines to make sure you’re not infringing on another person’s or company’s work. To help you in this area, we’ve put together a few copyright guidelines below.

Destination Imagination Pin TradingDestination Imagination® Copyright Guidelines

1.  Teams and individuals may NOT use the Destination Imagination, Inc.® name or any Destination Imagination, Inc. logos, including the “box and ball,” Global Finals or Challenge logos, on any commercially made pins. Any team or individual pins that violate this will not be sanctioned or condoned by Destination Imagination, Inc. 

2.  Teams and individuals may NOT use the word “DI” on their pins. “DI” is a mark that is not owned by Destination Imagination, Inc. for use on pins. Teams and individuals may NOT include their Affiliate initials combined with “DI” in any manner, whether hyphenated or without a space between them (e.g., NJ-DI, MADI, etc.). 

3.  Teams and individuals are prohibited from infringing on a person’s or company’s intellectual property.

4.  Teams and individuals may work with Licensed Pin Vendors to create appropriate designs that do not violate relevant copyright law. It is the responsibility of the Licensed Pin Vendor to ensure and communicate adherence to copyright laws.

Your best strategy is contact PinCrafters with your ideas.  We will help you with all of the guidelines and policies of creating your own unique Destination Imagination Lapel Pin. 

Destination Imagination Pin OrderingWe Look forward to hearing from you!

At PinCrafters, you’ll find:

  • Experienced and friendly pin designers
  • Free artwork from our in-house art department
  • Fast delivery -- rush service in as little as 5 days.
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Ordering is easy with PinCrafters:

Have a design already? Click here to go to our quote form. Please send us your logo or design and your requirements. We’ll email you back a quote and the layout.

Need help with your design? We offer free design service and a staff of experienced salespeople and designers ready to serve you. Please send us your idea or sketch. Click here for the quote form or fax your idea to 802-388-0331. We’ll email you back a quote and the layout.

Have Questions, please contact us: