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Your Name in Pins : Your Name in Lights

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

PinCrafters neon sign layout Would you like to see your name in pins? Would you like to see your name in lights? PinCrafters is here to help you see your name in pins. ( the latter is up to you, your agent, the public, and a little… Read More

Hockey Lapel Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

hockey team lapel pin with names and numbers Get your hockey lapel pins from PinCrafters and show your colors! PinCrafters is proud to work with NHL, AHL, High School, Midget, Bantam, Pee Wee, Squirt and Mighty Mite hockey teams all across the country. Lapel pins… Read More

Lapel Pin Trail : Lapel Pin Souvenirs

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

lapel pin trail Lapel pins make a great souvenir or gift to remember a day well lived. A lapel pin trail with lapel pin souvenirs is a great way to promote tourism. It will keep your customers on the move. The Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau in Pennsylvania… Read More

State Fair Pins : Festival Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

North Atlantic Blues Festival pin 2019 It’s a great time to order your state fair pins and festival pins. Summertime is in full swing: Boats are sailing, fish are jumping, beaches are full of people looking to cool off in the water, and the state and county fairs… Read More

OOTM Pin Trading

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

Lapel pin trading is an important part of Odyssey of the Mind competitions for many teams around the world. OOTM pin trading dates back more than thirty years. The OOTM organization drafted a set of pin trading rules for their participants. The rules maintain a positive trading… Read More

Custom Christmas Pins for This Holiday Season

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

There truly is no time like the holiday season.  The first sign of snowfall is around the corner, children are anxiously anticipating their favorite holidays and adults can’t wait to spend time with their families.  With all this joy, of course, comes a bit of hustle… Read More

Lapel Pin Conversation Starter : “Changing the Lapel Pin”

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

Bernie Sanders bobble head Words are powerful things. Have you considered the lapel pin conversation starter? Alex Johnson, president of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, has recognized that a simple item, such as a lapel pin, is a powerful conversation starter. He has written a book… Read More

Custom Years of Service Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

As the end of the year approaches so does the craziness of the holiday shopping season and the ending of many business’s fiscal years. Although custom pins can be a gift given among family members of friends, one of the most common ways custom pins are exchanges as gifts… Read More

School Lapel Pins Show School Pride!

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

Hail, Hail, the gangs all here. School lapel pins show school pride! The classrooms are back in business at colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools across the country. Teachers and Staff are working on another great year in our student’s academic journey. Lapel pins are a great… Read More

Custom Flower Pins for Spring & Summer

Posted: | Category: Pin Types

With spring being one of the busiest times of year for pin production here at PinCrafters we wanted to revisit a commonly requested spring and summer pin design. Although most of our production is dedicated to nursing pins and sports pins such as baseball pins, softball pins and soccer… Read More