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Corporate Pins

Corporate Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

As COVID cases plunge, and after a year of cancelled events, companies are scrambling to plan their 2021 events, including ordering their corporate pins. Don’t wait until it’s too late and all of the corporate lapel pin makers are backlogged – get your FREE quote today and get… Read More
Political Lapel Pins for the 2020 Election Season

Political Lapel Pins for the 2020 Election Season

Posted: | Categories: Custom Pin Uses, Members

There has been a long history of using custom lapel pins in the political arena. From President Obama and President Bush to local politicians, lapel pins have been a staple on the suits of men and women involved with politics. When a candidate or legislator is wearing a lapel… Read More

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Enamel Pins?

Posted: | Category: Uncategorized

Your friendly pin designers at PinCrafters have recently noticed an uptick in questions from customers about the differences between hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins, so we thought that an article on the subject was long overdue. And given just how frequently we field these soft enamel vs. Read More

Custom Woven and Printed Patches

Posted: | Category: Other Products

PinCrafters is proud to introduce custom woven and printed patches. These patches are an excellent alternative to traditional embroidered patches when your design has a lot of detail or small lettering. Woven and printed patches are ideal for designs with minute detail and very fine lettering. The patches can… Read More

Alumni Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

PinCrafters is your source for School Alumni Pins! We offer custom brass lapel pins in assorted platings including USA Union Brass and precious metals. Call or email the friendly sales staff at PinCrafters to get your alumni pin order started today! We are proud to continue… Read More

Sports Team Trading Pins for the 2020 Season

Posted: | Category: Team Trading Lapel Pins

Baseball & Softball season is just around the corner. This year’s Cooperstown Hall of Fame weekend is scheduled for July 24-27. It’s a great time to start thinking about sports pins for your local baseball or softball team … for local and national tournaments alike. Sports… Read More

Your Name in Pins : Your Name in Lights

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

PinCrafters neon sign layout Would you like to see your name in pins? Would you like to see your name in lights? PinCrafters is here to help you see your name in pins. ( the latter is up to you, your agent, the public, and… Read More

Hockey Lapel Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

hockey team lapel pin with names and numbers Get your hockey lapel pins from PinCrafters and show your colors! PinCrafters is proud to work with NHL, AHL, High School, Midget, Bantam, Pee Wee, Squirt and Mighty Mite hockey teams all across the country. Read More

Lapel Pin Trail : Lapel Pin Souvenirs

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

lapel pin trail Lapel pins make a great souvenir or gift to remember a day well lived. A lapel pin trail with lapel pin souvenirs is a great way to promote tourism. It will keep your customers on the move. The Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau… Read More

State Fair Pins : Festival Pins

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

North Atlantic Blues Festival pin 2019 It’s a great time to order your state fair pins and festival pins. Summertime is in full swing: Boats are sailing, fish are jumping, beaches are full of people looking to cool off in the water, and the state and… Read More