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Custom Lapel Pins are an inexpensive way to say “Thank you”.

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There are many reasons why our customers order lapel pins from PinCrafters.  some people use lapel pins for team trading while others are selling their lapel pins in retail stores.  But the most common use for lapel pins is to simply say “Thank you”.  Many human resource managers use… Read More

Customized Alumni Lapel Pins.

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Summer is here and baseball team trading pin season is slowly coming to an end.  We have designed many softball, soccer and baseball pins for cooperstown and other tournaments.  so what is next.  We have found that… Read More

Lapel Pins for good causes.

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Pins and ribbons are everywhere presently. The practice, begun with the 1980s, has exploded to add in support of several, many organizations to cause. Lapel pins is often manufactured to your internet site company or organization logo or name aided by the color of ribbon that supports your cause. That’s… Read More

A Great Cause

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I wanted to take a moment and give a little shout out to a great cause PinCrafters has had the pleasure of working with from its inception. The following is an excerpt from their website describing the fine work they do.  I encourage everyone to take some time and learn… Read More

Awareness ribbons for your organization or cause.

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You may ask yourself why a non-profit or organization would use custom lapel pins to promote their cause. Non-profit groups and foundations use custom lapel pins to help them promote their cause, recognize donors and volunteers, create a brand people will remember, and help raise funds. Organizations use their logo,… Read More