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What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Enamel Pins?

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Your friendly pin designers at PinCrafters have recently noticed an uptick in questions from customers about the differences between hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins, so we thought that an article on the subject was long overdue. And given just how frequently we field these soft enamel vs. Read More

Lions Club Pin Trading

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Pin trading has been a popular activity for many years. Curling clubs from the mid nineteenth century are credited with starting the tradition. This tradition has carried on through many major league athletic teams, youth league athletic teams, political candidates, and various clubs and organizations. Lions Club… Read More

Interesting Seattle Times article about the use of custom pins.

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I ran across an article about custom lapel pins that I thought was an article from The Onion. Using lapel pins for memorials and remembrance is very popular.  Whether the pin is an elegant gold die struck pin or an inexpensive etched pin, a lapel… Read More

My son loves Custom Lapel Pins.

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The other day my son was home sick from school.  I decided to bring him to my office and try and have him understand what dad does which is design and manufacture custom pins and other items.  Being only 4, he initially was not interested in… Read More

We can design your custom pin for free.

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What if you are looking for a custom pin but have no design in mind.  The designers at PinCrafters can take your logo or idea and create a digital computer mock up of your pin before you decide to proceed with your order. Recently a human resources manager… Read More

Many towns and cities use custom pins to promote.

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I recently found an article about a common trend in municipalities using lapel pins. Although lapel pins are often sold for retail purposes or for service recognition for employees, many towns use lapel pins to brand their town to potential businesses and visitors.   One such town, Nogales, Arizona… Read More

How do Universities and High Schools use custom lapel pins?

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As a custom lapel pin maker for over 15 years, PinCrafters has designed lapel pins for a number of learning institutions for a variety of reasons.  This post is to describe the most common ways these schools use pins.   Alumni Custom Pins:  There are a variety of… Read More