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Lapel Pin Design Contests | PinCrafters

July 11, 2017| Category: Custom Pin Uses

Design contests are a great way for local artists, designers, students, and general staff to contribute to your lapel pin design process. Contests can bring a broad range of ideas to the table and bring a sense of pride to contributing employees, students, staff and members alike.

Skills USA have been running a successful National Conference Pin and T-shirt design challenge for well over 10 years. With over 335,000 students and advisors joining SkillsUSA annually they have a lot of talent to pool from.

PinCrafters is proud to work with your design ideas or basic information to help create your perfect lapel pin. Whether it is a rough idea in the form of a pencil sketch, a photographic reference with text you would like to include, or a well crafted final graphic design from a contest winner, our designers and sales staff are here to help translate your ideas into a finished pin.

PinCrafters is your time honored source for quality lapel pins.

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