Wedding Lapel Pins

Megan & David commemorative wedding lapel pin shown with nickel die-struck and gold die-struck center.
Floral Wedding Lapel Pin

PinCrafters wedding lapel pins are the perfect way to commemorate your wedding. Every wedding is unique and special, and wedding lapel pins from PinCrafters will help add a subtle touch of elegance to any tuxedo or place setting. You can trust our experience and creativity to craft a custom wedding lapel pin that you, your wedding planner, and every wedding guest will be proud to wear or keep as a lasting memento. Leave your guests with a beautiful reminder of your special day – look no further than PinCrafters wedding lapel pins!

Custom Wedding Lapel Pins

PinCrafters has custom wedding lapel pins for every couple. Whether you want a custom high-quality hard enamel pin, a 3D look and feel soft enamel pin, a photograph printed on to metal, or an elegant die-struck metal pin, we can provide it. If you choose to go with a die-struck metal pin, our amazing selection of platings provides the perfect way to match whatever theme your wedding might have. Custom die-struck pins are available in gold, silver, nickel, bronze, and copper, and can be produced with antique finishes for added beauty. Choose from gold, antique gold, silver, antique silver, copper, antique copper, and black nickel platings at no extra cost – perfect for separating members of each wedding party or for distinguishing between the groom’s and bride’s sides!

Groomsmen Lapel Pins

Personalized groomsmen lapel pins are the perfect way to easily add some extra class to your special day. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, custom lapel pins provide an opportunity for you to express your unique style and show off a little quality craftsmanship too. Not only do custom lapel pins look great on the groomsmen but they also make special keepsakes that will be cherished as memories of your big day. Why not choose custom-made items to showcase the details of one of the most important days in your life? Groomsmen will love being able to proudly display custom lapel pins at the ceremony, ensuring your wedding stands out in a crowd and adds that extra touch of sophistication too!

Custom Wedding Pin at Lebron James Wedding

NBA All-Star, MVP and Olympic metal winner Lebron James knows the score. In 2013 Lebron was seen donning a metal flower lapel pin. His extravagant star-studded wedding to long time girlfriend Savannah Brinson in San Diego was an event to remember. Wedding lapel pins will help your guests remember too.

Here’s How It Works:

Ordering Wedding Lapel Pins is as Easy as 1… 2… 3!

Step 1:
You give us this. . .

(napkin drawings gladly accepted)
Email, fax, or mail your logo or wedding design for a free catalog, pin layout, and price quote.

Step 2:
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Emailed Proof
Once you send us your logo or design, our staff of experienced wedding lapel pin designers will email you with a quote and the layout.

Step 3:
Your pin looks like this. . .

Real Pin
Our custom wedding lapel pins are made from copper, iron or brass. We also produce pins in precious metals such as sterling silver and 10K.

Why Pincrafters?

Every order of custom wedding pins includes:

  • FREE wedding pin artwork and design with unlimited revisions
  • FREE full-color wedding pin proofs sent to you by email
  • FREE die charges (in most cases)
  • FREE colors — up to five colors at no additional charge
Designer works on custom pin design on her laptop computer