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Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches Embroidered Patches

You will be proud to wear our beautifully stitched custom embroidered patches. They’re a popular promotional item for bikers, motorcycle clubs and rallies, team sports, military units, corporate branding or trade shows.

We will help you turn your logo or idea into a custom embroidered patch of the highest quality. Just send us your design or design idea, and let PinCrafters come up with the perfect patch for your event.

Your patch can be any size or shape. Cost is determined by size, quantity and percentage of embroidery.

PinCrafters custom patches can be 75 percent or 100 percent embroidered. We offer the option to use solid twill fabric in place of stitching for large background colors. The minimum order for patches is 100pcs.

Please contact us with any questions, or to request a free quote.

How To Order

  • Determining Cost: Size, quantity and percentage of embroidery are the main factors in determining the cost for your patches. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like a quote.
  • Percentage of embroidery: Patches can be 75% or 100% embroidered. Solid twill fabric can be used in place of stitching for large background colors, this will help reduce the cost and still maintain a high quality patch.
  • Size: The patch can be any size or shape. To figure size just add the length and the width and divide by 2. Example: 6” + 3” = 9”/2 = 4.5” patch.

Ordering is easy with PinCrafters:

Have a design already? Click here to go to our quote form. Please send us your logo or design and your requirements. We’ll email you back a quote and the layout.

Need help with your design? We offer free design service and a staff of experienced salespeople and designers ready to serve you. Please send us your idea or sketch. Click here for the quote form or fax your idea to 802-388-0331. We’ll email you back a quote and the layout.

Have Questions, please contact us: