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Archive: April 2011

What type of packaging options are there for custom lapel pins?

Posted: | Category: Frequently Asked Questions

All of our custom pins come packaged in individual poly bags (plastic). Many companies and organizations use alternative packaging to make the presentation of their pins more elegant. An elegant box or package not only creates a beautiful presentation but can hold and protect your lapel pin for the… Read More

What exactly are “Challenge Coins”?

Posted: | Category: Pin Types

Consider challenge coins and medallions when you’re looking to build pride and motivation, or recognize outstanding achievement among employees. We produce these emblems using the same high-quality processes as our hard and soft enamel pins. Challenge coins – traditionally used by the military – today serve many purposes such as… Read More

Have a deadline? Get your lapel pins in 5 days!

Posted: | Category: Pin Types

If you’re on tight deadline and need pins fast – we’re here to help! Our experienced designers and salespeople will help design your custom pin and deliver it in 5 business days or less. Flash Photo Lapel Pins are an efficient process, with quality results We use a state-of-the-art manufacturing… Read More

Awareness ribbons for your organization or cause.

Posted: | Category: Projects

You may ask yourself why a non-profit or organization would use custom lapel pins to promote their cause. Non-profit groups and foundations use custom lapel pins to help them promote their cause, recognize donors and volunteers, create a brand people will remember, and help raise funds. Organizations use their logo,… Read More

Specialty Team Trading Pins

Posted: | Category: Team Trading Lapel Pins

Pin Trading has become a tradition for teams, umpires, parents and guests at numerous youth sporting events. Many teams have custom-made lapel pins, while others utilize pins provided by their communities or sponsors. The trading of pins provides all participants an extra opportunity to interact. Enjoy the fun of pin… Read More

Why make pins in a precious metal such as Sterling Silver or Gold?

Posted: | Category: Pin Types

A lasting symbol of beauty and prestige, our precious metal lapel pins bring a special touch to your organization or event. These elegant pins represent your commitment to quality and excellence. They are a perfect way to express pride in your business or organization. Precious metal lapel pins are available… Read More

Send us your ideas for Team Trading Pins!

Posted: | Category: Frequently Asked Questions

Click on image to learn more. What do you need to get a free mock up of my teams pin? Camera-ready art is preferred in Adobe Illustrator or EPS format. TIFF, JPEG or BMP files are gladly accepted. If you don’t have artwork, our in-house art department… Read More

What are Die Struck Lapel Pins?

Posted: | Category: Pin Types

These distinctive metal-on-metal pins bring a touch of class to your organization or event. Die struck lapel pins use only metal and no color – with a two-tone finish that gives any design an elegant look. They are often used to recognize years of service, and are popular among fraternities,… Read More

What is a Soft Enamel Lapel Pin?

Posted: | Category: Pin Types

A 3D look and feel, with a textured surface. Metal areas are raised; colors are recessed. A pin known for its high quality and affordability, soft enamel lapel pins have a  3D look and feel, with a textured surface. Metal areas are raised; colors are recessed.  Soft enamel lapel pins… Read More