Custom Hat Pins for Music Festivals, Events & Trading

Music Festival Pin ExampleNot many things in today’s world brings people together more than music. Concerts and festivals often bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for live music and a love for specific artists. Although t-shirts have been a popular way to express dedication to a band since the 60’s and 70’s, pins have seen an increase in popularity as a way to celebrate bands and artists. Hat pins have been widely adopted within the music scene as a primary way to represent a favorite musician while attending events. These pins, custom made to represent a specific musical artist or event, can be a great keepsake to keep the memory of a concert or festival alive. Along with the rehashing of old memories for the wearer, pins can also tell stories of past adventures to others in the crowd.

The increase in popularity of custom hat pins as driven artists to design and manufacturer their own runs of limited edition pins. Since these pins are made in small batches many pins with widely desired designs may become collector’s items as time goes on. Fans and music lovers have also started to join in by designing their own custom pins to share with friends, family and other music lovers. Entrepreneurs looking to sell or even trade their own custom-designed pins have become a normal sight at music festivals and other large music events across the country.

Though pins have been worn in many ways over the years, from lapel pins to tie pins and everything in between, the increase in popularity of custom hat pins has created a new market segment in the pin industry. As summer approaches the demand for custom hat pins tends to increase due to the approach of large music events.

Although music may be the main focus for design inspiration of hat pins, pop-culture is also strongly represented with hat pin designs taking inspiration from movies, television, books, sports, politics and more. Hat pins can be a great way to represent clubs, associations and sports teams you, a friend or a family member may belong to.

Hat Pin ExamplesWith over thirty years of experience in the pin industry, Pincrafters is well aware of the demand for custom hat pins. Our custom lapel pin services feature fast design, set up and delivery. Our hat pin design services include a variety of styles such as hard enamel pinssoft enamel pinsmetal die struck pinsprinted pins or etched pins and more! You can also add some extra flair to your custom hat pin with a variety of specialty pin options, such as spin pins, bobblehead pins, LED pins and more!