Custom Years of Service Pins

Years of Service Pin ExampleAs the end of the year approaches so does the craziness of the holiday shopping season and the ending of many business’s fiscal years. Although custom pins can be a gift given among family members of friends, one of the most common ways custom pins are exchanges as gifts from employers to employees. Throughout the end of the year, our pin designers often see an increase in orders for employee recognition pins, especially years of service pins.

Years of service awards are momentoes given to employees by their employers as a way to recognize hard work and dedication over the course of many years. At the end of each year or on the anniversary of an employee’s start date, employers will gift a small token which have become known as years of service awards. This award often features the employee’s name, the company’s name, the company’s logo and the number of working years the employee has achieved. Years of service awards can be given for any work anniversary but are commonly awarded at years one, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty, forty-five and fifty. Although years of service awards can come in many styles such as a plaque, certificate, trophy or coin, by no surprise we are partial to pins!

Pins make a great years of service award for the fact they can be worn or displayed in many different ways and will not take up as much desk space as a certificate or trophy. Years of service pins can be worn on the lapel of a coat, suit or jacket and worn to company events such as holiday parties or retreats. Although our pin design service offers a variety of pin styles, A majority of the years of service pins design by PinCrafters are done so in die struck metal. The distinctive look of metal-on-metal on die struck pins bring a touch of elegance to the award. Nickel, copper and bronze are often used for more common work anniversaries with silver and gold being utilized for twenty to fifty-year anniversaries.

Looking a small for accessory other than a pin to give as a years of service award?  Your custom years of service award can be made as a money clip, tie bar, pair of earrings, key tag, zipper pull, pair of cufflinks or even a golf tag.

Pin Attachments

With over thirty years of experience in the pin industry, Pincrafters is well aware of the demand for custom flower pins. Our custom lapel pin services feature fast design, set up and delivery. Our flower lapel pin design services include a variety of styles such as hard enamel pinssoft enamel pinsmetal die struck pinsprinted pins or etched pins and more! You can also add some extra flair to your custom pin with a variety of specialty pin options, such as spin pins, bobblehead pins, LED pins and more!