Lapel Pin or Pocket Square? : Dubai World Cup Accessories

Dubai.World.CupWhat will you be wearing this weekend at the Dubai World Cup? According to Esquire it is equally important to dress in style and comfort. The recommended accessories for the well dressed patron are lapel pins or pocket squares. The choice is yours, but here at PinCrafters we are obviously partial to the former.

Custom lapel pins are a distinctive and classic choice for many events, sporting and otherwise. Whether you are attending the world’s richest horse race in Dubai or looking for trading pins for your children’s Little League baseball tournament or USSSA softball tournament, PinCrafters is proud the work with you to create your perfect pin. We offer pins in 10k gold, 14k gold, and sterling silver as well as pins in plated brass.

PinCrafters is your trusted source for quality lapel pins since 2001