Lapel Pins at the Movies : You ought to be in Pictures!

We see lapel pins make their way into popular media every day.

We’ve seen lapel pins on the red carpet with Tom Hanks and Christopher Plummer. We’ve seen Bobby Moynihan wearing lapel pins on SNL. We’ve watched a popular episode of CSI when the crime was solved by the discovery of a lapel pin dug out of a shallow grave. Most recently we saw a lapel pin in a starring role in Disney’s new film “Tomorrowland”. The film follows the adventures of two characters who travel to other dimensions after touching a magical lapel pin.

We work with a large range of talent from the Ellen Degeneres Show, Ava Gardner Museum, Mos Def, major motion picture pins for Ebb Tide/Universal Studios to local NBC, ABC, and CBS news affiliates countrywide. Whether your needs are large or small, PinCrafters is proud to work with you on your next custom lapel pin project. We wish we could take you to a magical dimension with your next order ( magical dimension transporter lapel pin still in beta ).