Lapel Pins & Politics: Lapel Based Patriotism

The American flag lapel pin has become a fashion standard in U.S. politics. The tradition can be traced back to the Nixon administration, when we first saw the President wearing an American flag lapel pin.

The Republican debate earlier this month left some viewers wondering where some candidates stood when they showed up without a lapel pin. At the kids table debate three candidates wore an American flag lapel pin, with some modifications, and the remaining four candidates were lapel pin free. Seven out of the ten candidates wore lapel pins at the debate later that evening. Letters to the editor were sent to online newspapers nationwide, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The debate inspired an article by Beth Ethier from The Slatest titled “The Flag Pin Primary: A Post-Debate Analysis of Candidates’ Lapel-Based Patriotism”. Beth wrote, “After the 2016 presidential debate season kicked off Thursday night with two rounds of Republican preening, posturing, and pontification, millions of Americans were left with the same question: Can we entrust the future of this nation to someone who wears a suit devoid of patriotic bling?” She went on to declare Carly Fiorina the undisputed winner of the kids table debate, at least in terms of lapel-based patriotism. Mrs. Fiorina “had a standard flag pin of the ‘rippled by invisible breeze’ variety, uncontroversial and unobtrusive. Excellent choice.”

We look forward to viewing the lapel pins worn, and not worn, in the upcoming Republican debates, and the upcoming Democratic debates starting October 13th in Nevada.

Remember to wear your patriotic bling for your next political campaign. Whether you are running for State, Local, or Federal office, PinCrafters is proud to work with you to create your perfect lapel pin.