Pin Trading : Trading Power

trading-power-blog-12-16-16Lapel pin trading has become a customary part of sport tournaments and academic tournaments all year round. Sport & Academic competitions have both seen the tradition of pin trading grow year after year. PinCrafters is proud to continue our work with Odyssey of the Mind, Little League, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Hockey teams all across the country and all around the world.

Lapel pins are often traded at a one-to-one ratio, but with a little help from our designers and with the addition of an add-on or two ( including bobble heads, sliders, spinners, danglers, glitter and even LED blinking lights ) you have a good chance of increasing your “trading power”. If your pin is more desirable you can sometimes command a two-to-one or even a three-to-one ratio.

Our experienced sales staff is here to help with your next order of custom trading pins. We can help you choose the right pin design, pin size and pin add-ons to help your pin stand out and increase your potential trading power. PinCrafters is here to help you create your perfect custom trading pin.