Trade Delegations Customary Gift Exchange, Custom Lapel Pins from Pincrafters

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is scheduled to lead a trade mission in Asia this week. When meeting with government officials in Japan and China the trade delegation will be bringing gifts. The gifts are generally small, but represent much more. Ray Burstedt, the past president of SEDCOR (an economic development agency) remembers receiving expensive bottles of Tequila from a Mexico delegation at a trade show but notes that during official business smaller tokens such as pens or piggy banks were more the norm. “It might be a $2 or $3 trinket, but they are very conscientious about exchanging some kind of item,” Burstedt said. Lapel pins make the perfect gift for such occasions. Whether you are getting ready for your next international trade mission, or local trade show, Pincrafters is your source for custom lapel pins.