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As our next generation of future employees look forward to college graduation ceremonies and proudly entering the marketplace, we are reminded of the success stories of hard working Americans and citizens of the world. We are inspired by the stories of young entrepreneurs, and hard working employees like Mike Fountaine who started out as a line cook on the grill at McDonalds and worked through the ranks to become a manager of two restaurants.

Mike was given a year of service pin after his first year at McDonalds back in 1969. That lapel pin inspired Mike to begin a collection of lapel pins and various corporate memorabilia from the golden arches. That collection would reach well over 11,000 McDonalds lapel pins by year 46.

PinCrafters is proud to continue working with the McDonalds PAC designing and delivering high quality custom lapel pins year after year.

Lapel Pins are an inexpensive and distinctive choice for your employee recognition needs and political action committee needs. Whether you are looking for a pin to present to distinguished employees who have provided years of dedicated service, a pin to provide incentive for a quarterly goal, or a lapel pin for your corporate representatives to distinguish themselves in meetings at Washington D.C. , PinCrafters is your trusted source for the perfect lapel pin.