Custom Lapel Pins for Fraternal Organizations (pt 1.)

What are the origins of fraternal organizations and what types of custom pins do they use?

There are known fraternal organizations which existed as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, and analogous institutions in the late medieval period called confraternities, which were lay organizations allied to the Catholic Church. These confraternities evolved into purely secular fraternal societies.  The term fraternal organization is from the Latin frater, meaning brother.  Many of these organizations use lapel pins and medallions to show membership and service. Some use the pins for events or even at conventions where they have pin trading clubs.  The pins that are the “coolest” are the ones that trade better.

Here at PinCrafters we have designed and manufactured many custom pins for a variety of such organizations.  We have become a licensed vendor for Lions Club, Elks Club and many others.