Political Lapel Pins for the 2020 Election Season

There has been a long history of using custom lapel pins in the political arena. From President Obama and President Bush to local politicians, lapel pins have been a staple on the suits of men and women involved with politics. When a candidate or legislator is wearing a lapel pin, it’s hard to ignore while watching on our computers or televisions. Often the gold plating or silver plating shines from the lights as they discuss their ideas and platforms.

Lapel pins allow politicians to accessorize their otherwise formal attire. They can really stand out against monochromatic suits and send a message.

PinCrafters has helped hundreds of individuals who work in all areas of politics develop custom designed pins for their candidates and organizations. Whether one belongs to a PAC or another group, lapel pins are used to promote organizations, associations, donations, affiliations and so much more.

Our art department can provide you with a FREE design with your organization or message being the focal point.

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