Why use custom lanyards?

Why Use Promotional Lanyards?

Custom printed lanyards have become one of the most common and effective promotional items of our day. Whether you need lanyards for an event, corporate advertising, function or internal security,

Custom Lanyards with name/ID holders.
Many colors and options.

PinCrafters custom lanyards  can provide a number of options for your company.

Many individuals wear a lanyard with company identification, USB drives and even to hold their mobile phones. If you look around at the people wearing them, those you see the name, or logo of some company printed upon just about every lanyard. As those people walk around throughout their day, they are providing free advertising for that company.

How much better that those people wear promotional lanyards advertising your company. Each and every person they encounter would have the opportunity to see your advertising. Whatever type of printed lanyards you are looking for; the best place to buy lanyards is PinCrafters.com. We provide a customised service with fast turn-around time and the best possible prices for whatever quantity you need, from just a few hundred up to tens of thousands.

Your lanyards can come fitted with dog clips, swivel clips, snap clips or a wide variety of badge and card holders. Other fittings are available, such as water bottle holders and mobile phone holders.

Our product quality and service is second to none. Let us prove it to you. Fill out the quick contact form from our website and let us show you how we can meet your needs for custom promotional lanyards.