Are “Pin Badges” the same as Custom Lapel Pins?

The answer is “yes”.  Recently I was designing some volunteer pins and was surprised when the customer referred to their enamel die struck pins as “pin badges”.  I have never heard lapel pins referred to as pin badges.  We have created many mini badges for fire and police departments and of course manufacturing lapel pins is our specialty.  Apparantly the term pin badge is very popular in Europe.  I recently received a goggle alert about lapel pins.   The article was interesting and referred to custom pins as pin badges.

“Friday is Badge Day and people are encouraged to buy a pin and support the charity that helps more than 100,000 widows of deceased veterans who have died on active service or since leaving the armed forces.”

After reading the article it was evident that the article about using lapel pins as a fundraiser was from an English newspaper.

So if you are ready to order your own custom pin badges just give us a “ring”.