What are full relief or 3D lapel pins?

3D or full-relief lapel pins are a very economical method to promote your image. Sometimes simply referred to as 3D pins. These are much thicker to obtain the 3D effect. Like most other badges they can be produced in metal only or with the addition of enamel. The enamel is usually supplied without an epoxy coating ( like transparent varnish ) so that it does not screen the 3D effect. The enamel can be matched to the Pantone range of colors which we use to match your logo color to the pin color.  They can be supplied in almost any size or shape. Attachments can be a military clutch, safety pin , magnetic backing or adhesive backing. This process is great for animal, people, and buildings.

If we think your design would look better as a full releif or 3D lapel pin we will let you know.

Antique gold plated full relief/3D lapel pin.