Why trading pins have become so popular.

Custom softball trading pin.

Custom team trading pins have become a popular aspect of youth league sports of all kinds, enjoyed by both players and fans. With each season, they become more popular in youth sports of all kinds, recognized as tokens of sportsmanship and worthy competition.

The starting point for custom trading pins in youth sports was baseball and softball. Since Little League Baseball introduced its first official pins in the early 1980s, they have become an integral part of the entire youth baseball experience.

Custom trading pins thrive for several reasons. When you think about it, they are really small works of art that people can carry with them. They are affordable, and designs are personalized for each team. Custom trading pins have the power to turn strangers into friends.

Custom trading pins also are time and place-specific. They highlight the year of a tournament, and link traders to the specific game or tournament. That makes custom trading pins great souvenirs for players and fans alike. People simply love their sports regardless of what else is going on.

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