How do Universities and High Schools use custom lapel pins?

As a custom lapel pin maker for over 15 years, PinCrafters has designed lapel pins for a number of learning institutions for a variety of reasons.  This post is to describe the most common ways these schools use pins.


Alumni Custom Pins:  There are a variety of alumni organizations that use lapel pins for their members.  Many love that they have a pin to show they had once attended their Universities.  We have seen in the past some alumni groups requesting a design for reunions.  High quality custom enamel pins are a great keep sake for a 5, 10 or even 50 year reunion.


Retail Sales of Lapel Pins:  Of course every book store sells a lapel pin that incorporates the school name and/or logo.  Our wholesale pricing allows many Universities and High Schools to sell not only custom pins manufactured by PinCrafters but key chains, lanyards, ear rings, patches and many of our other products.


There are hundreds of ways schools use custom pins and the other products we manufacture.  Special events, booster clubs, fraternity and sororities are just a few.  Our free design service is not only fast to get you a design back but very creative to create a customized pin that you will be satisfied with.