“Lapel Politics” in the U.S. and UK draw enamel pin interest from Obama, Romney and Jeremy Hunt for the 2012 Summer Olympics

In a recent article from online news source “The Independent”,  lapel pins received a lot of attention in their connection to domestic and foreign politics and their respective political leaders. “We’ll call it “lapel politics,” when a simple chest adornment appears to symbolize so much about the feelings of public figures towards cancer, terrorism, war dead or – right now – running and jumping over things.” Prime Minister David Cameron and fellow UK politicians Jeremy Hunt, Theresa May and Nick Clegg have all been wearing official Olympic Game pins to show support for the 2012 Summer Olympics in their hometown. In the United States President Barack Obama has been seen wearing the “stars-and-stripes” lapel pin during his presidency, while president hopeful Mitt Romney was the man responsible for commissioning the “We Stand United” lapel pin for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. Whether you’re on the campaign trail or trading pins at Cooperstown  Pincrafters is your source for high quality custom lapel pins, we do it all.