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Tattoo Lapel Pins: Tattoo Convention Giveaways

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

Custom Tattoo lapel pins are an inexpensive and welcome giveaway for all of your new and return customers at your local shop. Lapel pins are also a great thing to have in hand before heading off to your next tattoo convention. PinCrafters is here to help. We … Read More

Custom Lapel Pins: Corporate Awards

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

Lapel Pins are an inexpensive and distinctive choice for your corporate award needs. Whether you are looking for a pin to present to distinguished employees who have provided years of dedicated service, or a lapel pin to recognize outstanding achievement for an individual or team, PinCrafters is… Read More

Lapel Pins & Politics: Lapel Based Patriotism

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

The American flag lapel pin has become a fashion standard in U.S. politics. The tradition can be traced back to the Nixon administration, when we first saw the President wearing an American flag lapel pin. The Republican debate earlier this month left some viewers wondering where some candidates stood… Read More

Motorcycle Lapel Pins : Motorcycle Charity Run

Posted: | Category: Custom Pin Uses

PinCrafters is proud to work with your local motorcycle charity ride. We have worked with many organizations to help promote their charity rides with custom lapel pins. Whether your organization makes the who’s who of charity rides in Popular Mechanics, or is working to help fund a smaller… Read More